"Working with Georgette was wonderful! We had a great session together. She shows up in a beautiful and powerful way and has a deep passion for helping people! Such an incredible woman!"

Samantha L. Life & Business Coach
Montreal, Canada

"Georgette: I just wanted to let you know how amazing you have been to me and how you’ve helped me transform to a better person; not only though healing and balancing my chakras but also by awakening the energy life force inside of me so that I can fulfill my divine right in this world with more purpose, peace and happiness! Your work is phenomenal and powerful…and my journey with you is only the beginning of something so much greater!

You connect with people with such ease and flow. The work you have done in releasing the emotional baggage that I was carrying, has created such a positive ripple effect on everything else around me and I am so grateful not only for the healing, releasing and realignment that I have received from you, but also for the education and tools that you have given me to continue this wonderful journey!!!

Mostly, I am grateful that I am not alone on this spiritual journey of mine to live the best life that I can! You are authentic, and a true spiritual guide! I commend you for having the courage and strength to listen to your calling! I have no doubt in my mind that you have the gift and power to do great work in this world!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!"

Claudia P.
Montreal, Canada.

"I highly recommend the Chakra Clearing sessions with Georgette. The sessions created a deep connection and clearing in my body. It took the Emotion Code work we had been doing to the next level.

Week after week, we cleared the chakras in our session. As an added bonus: Georgette provided tailored support tools for each chakra to use during the program, as well as ongoing use to tune up the chakras in the event of an in-balance in the future, which included meditation, journal prompts, nutritional support and positive affirmations.

Each week built upon the last, creating a clear channel for my energy to start to flow bringing relief and insight into my body and my life. I feel like a different person and highly recommend."

Elizabeth S.
Santa Rosa, CA.

”I had the chance to have a hands-on Emotion Code session with Georgette; it was life-changing to say the least! I had never seen anyone do muscle testing, but hers is on point! She made me feel very comfortable and at ease! I was mind blown watching her do her work! She does it with such ease and confidence! It has been a week today and I have finally let go of the hurt and pain I was holding on to for years; I honestly thought I’d never let it go and fell normal again! I feel a newness in me that is beautiful and I can say that I’m finally ready to open my heart and let love in! This is a big deal because, after the death of my twin flame, I shut down and never wanted to let love in again because it was too painful! I’m forever grateful for this healing; what Georgette did was save mine and my daughter’s lives! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs healing. Please go to her and let her help you the way she helped me!”

Carrie L.
Gainesville, Texas

"This is the first time I have been exposed to the field of emotional release as a healing modality. Georgette has a unique gift. I honestly don't know how she does it, but through her work in the Emotion Code, I have been cleared of not only emotional wounds from generations past - but physical ailments that were no doubt, connected to the traumas of those wounds. The clearing was acutely and immediately felt, with rippling effects of alignment in the following days of our sessions; which produced feelings of wholeness, assurance, and serenity. I am immensely grateful for Georgette's ability to act as a catalyst for this powerful inner work. As I work toward whole body healing, and wellness – I have come to feel the Emotion Code is a vital aspect of that journey. Profound gratitude!"

Gina C. Clinical Aromatherapist.
Louisville, KY.

"I had a wonderful eye-opening experience while opening my chakras with Georgette.

She is very friendly, loving and understanding no matter of what you are going through. She helped me feel lighter and more free. She also gave me a game plan to follow as we were going through the clearings, which was nice so you can start creating good habits for your new life ahead.

This is my second package purchased with her and I would do another again."

Christie B.
Houston, TX

"I didn’t know what to expect from my first season with this type of work, but after it was done, it was very clear to me things had shifted. I knew Georgette had cleared things away and in doing so she brought to light connections and attachments I hadn’t even thought about or put together myself. 
I know things are still shifting and occurring as a result of this session and it all feels very good and perfectly aligned. 
Georgette was wonderful to work with. I recommend this healing to anyone! You might be surprised just how much your body is holding on to."

Genevieve C.
Sayulita, Mexico.

"Georgette has such a loving healing energy, she is genuine and devoted to her craft. She helped me release hip pain and a blockage in my heart chakra. I would highly recommend knowledge from the heart to any one wanting to heal emotional trauma and physical pain."

Anneliese H.
Sydney, Australia.

"Georgette and I had a healing session and it went wonderfully. She asked my higher self questions about blocked emotions and possible trauma in my life and in previous generations. After she released these emotions I felt quite a bit lighter and my headache that was there the whole time lessened immensely. I would absolutely do more sessions with her to continue my healing journey and work through emotions I had no idea were stagnant and blocked. She is a beautiful soul. Thank you, Georgette."

Alexa D.
Hinckley, OH.

"Thank you so much Georgette! 
I have felt a lightness to me since our session.
So much of the emotional resonance I was experiencing was around the unhealthy relationship I am moving out of, after our session I noticed a marked increase in my sense of worthiness, and that worthiness being dependent upon me and not from an external source. Gaining the strength, insight and answers from within is a shadow of mine and this experience with Georgette feels like it came at the perfect synchronistic time for me to clear away some of those resonances so that I may dive deeper into myself and my full purpose. Thank you and  Namaste sister Georgette."

Sarah B.
Glenwood Springs, CO.

"Working with Georgette is a blessing! She is a gifted, compassionate practitioner and helps tremendously with deeply trapped emotions and patterns. I can honestly say that I feel much better after doing this precious work!"

Marie-Claude N.
Montreal, Canada

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