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A mission is born...

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

It is exciting to embark on this new journey! As someone who has always been inclined to literature and writing, I had always wanted to become a writer of some sort... I dreamed about someday publishing a book, but a couple of months ago I got this urge to start this new venture.

Here it goes...

I didn't just want to write about anything. I believe that God put me on this Earth to fulfill a mission, and I truly feel in my heart that this mission is to help others by serving as a guide, either through my advice or my example. More than a couple of friends have reached out to me in the past year to ask for my help/advice as they were going through difficult times in their lives; telling me that they saw in me someone who they could look up to for inspiration, as I have walked through very dark paths myself and was not only able to cross them, but to come out of them with unimaginable blessings. Some of these friends even suggested that I should expand on the inspirational posts I share on Facebook almost on a daily basis, so I thought that this would be the best way to do it. I don't intend to be pretentious or to say that I know everything about life. Far from it. I am still trying to figure out a couple of things myself and fighting some of my own demons on occasion. I am neither a certified psychologist nor a life coach (although one day I will be, I promise!) whose word you should take for granted. The best I can do is to humbly share my experiences in my short 32 years of life with you, hoping that you might relate to some of them and, ultimately, reassure you that whatever it is you are going through, it will pass, and you can grow stronger/wiser from the experience if you wish to do so.

I chose to publish my first post on this date because, exactly one year ago, I found out that I would not have a full-time job offer at the place I had been working as an intern for the past year. Naively, I had put all my hopes in that single offer and, when it didn't turn out the way I expected, the rug was swept off my feet. I fell. Very hard. I remember going to my Bikram yoga class later that evening and having to leave the room in the middle of the session, since I started sobbing uncontrollably. It was the first and only time I have ever left the hot room in the middle of a Bikram yoga session; something a teacher/student of this discipline knows is inadmissible. After I let it all out for a few minutes, I got my shit together and came back to the room to finish the class. I can be many things, but one thing I am not is a quitter. Throwing the towel for me is inadmissible. Unless it's on top of my yoga mat (or on the sand of a Mexican beach!).

I walked back to my apartment that night after class wondering, with an overwhelming feeling pressing my chest, what the f*ck was I going to do to support myself over the coming months while I looked for a proper job. I was a new immigrant in Canada, with no family in Montreal to turn to for support. Asking my family back in Mexico for help for me was out of the question, since they had gone out of their way to help me finance my MBA and to support me as I was a student again at the age of 30. No freaking way! The last thing I wanted was for them to worry, so I decided to keep quiet about my situation until I found a permanent solution. I had no idea that life had a great gift waiting for me down the road! I had to learn a few lessons first, and it will be my pleasure to share them with you in my upcoming posts!

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