"You reach a point where you feel yourself going through an awakening. You look at what you used to do and who you used to be. It hurts because you realize you believed in and promoted non-sense. You grow; you evolve and you stop because you no longer operate at that frequency. As a result, there's certain people that you have to walk away from. As a result, you start to realize just how messed up the world is. You want to help; you want to heal; you want to make it a better world. This is how you know you're awakening a higher level of consciousness..."

My awakening

What is happening to me?

I call this chapter of my life "The Awakening": a series of interconnected events that let me to question everything, from the nature of reality to whether the life I was living made sense anymore.

Most importantly, I questioned whether I wanted to continue holding all the labels I'd come to deem my "identity", and for which I had worked so hard practically all my life.

Was I going to ignore the signs and bury my head in the sand? Or was I going to own the situation and have the courage to follow my intuition and listen to my heart's calling for good? You can learn more about my experiences in this interview with my dear friend, Aaron Fisher (@theawakeningself on Instagram)

In the meantime, I can share with you that the awakening process is not linear at all, but a continuum of learning and evolving. Regardless, I have discovered 20 fundamental truths throughout this journey that I consider my words to live by. I also share my awakening tips in a free e-book that you can download!


With Georgette Damian

In this episode, Georgette speaks about breaking away from labels, finding our own path and her favourite F word of them all: FREEDOM!!! 

Click here to visit Aaron's Youtube channel. Follow him on Instagram @theawakeningself

The 20 things I have learned throughout my awakening

My truth #1

No one knows what's best for you, except you!

Girl by the Lake
Woman Laying in Field

My truth #2

Don't try to fit into a mold imposed by anyone (not even your parents). Stay true to your essence; your inner guidance always knows the way.

My truth #3

Keep it simple. 
Don't overthink; don't complicate things. If it feels good, go for it. Don't let your mind and your ego keep you second-guessing your choices.

Student in Library
Woman Musician

My truth #4

You don't owe an explanation to anyone but yourself. Your thoughts, your actions, your words are YOUR TRUTH, and YOUR TRUTH ONLY. People don't need to understand, and you don't need to explain yourself to anyone who's not ready to hear your message.

My truth #5

Nothing is more important than the NOW. Whatever you did in your past, it doesn't matter. You're here because of those choices. Besides, you can't go back and change them. Along the same lines, it's not worth it to stress about the future. Like the past, it doesn't exist. It isn't real.
The only place we exist is in the now. It is up to us to decide how to spend the present moment: Wasting it with regret about the past or with worry about the future? Just think about it for a second and realize how insane this is.

Yoga by the Ocean
Relaxing Bath

My truth #6

Take care of yourself! I can't stress this enough. Why do we tend to put other things as priorities and leave personal care last? No wonder there's so much stress and depression around us. If you don't take care of yourself, nobody else will. You can't pour from an empty cup. The extent of how much you are able to love others is only a reflection of how much you love yourself. Think about it.

My truth #7

Question everything you hear, read and see. Just because it comes from "authority", it doesn't mean it's true. We were sent to this Earth for a purpose, and it is up to us to question our existence on this planet in order to fulfill that purpose.

Women Voting

My truth #8

Be ready to face uncertainty, and to be comfortable with it. Nothing thus far is guaranteed. What makes you think that the house you live in today will still exist tomorrow? The job you have? Your very own existence? Life can change in a matter of weeks, days, and even seconds! Learn how to flow amidst uncertainty. The more you resist it, the more drained you will feel.

My truth #9

Nobody is responsible for your emotions EXCEPT YOU.
The degree to which you allow a person or a situation to affect your emotions will determine your degree of well-being. Staying rooted and centered will allow you to feel these emotions when they come, observe them, and extract whatever lesson they're trying to teach you, but from a perspective of non-attachment rather than clinging on to them. Observe your emotions; don't be their prisoner.

Reaching Out to the Sun
Happy Teens

My truth #10

If you're looking for happiness in a job, in a spouse, in a partner or in material things, you won't find it. You might find temporary comfort, but the real source of happiness lies within. You create your own happiness. You might have the latest sports car, live in the biggest mansion, have the hottest partner and still feel empty inside. Nothing will fill that emptiness but the realization and fulfillment of your life purpose.
The rest are just ornaments/distractions/band-aids/anesthetics.

My truth #11

If you care about what other people think, you will always be their prisoner. If you want to stand out, stand out from the crowd. Dare to be different. Speak your truth. No matter what you do, you won't please people, so you might as well do what makes YOU happy.

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Graduation Ceremony

My truth #12

Drop the idea that success = achievement. 
Success is an inner state of being, and it comes from fulfillment. To me, a fulfilled life tops BY FAR a successful one as currently defined by our society. ALL THE WAY.

My truth #13

Learn to be alone, and to like it.
I can't emphasize how important this has been for me in order to understand who I am and what I want. In order to find yourself, you need to be with yourself. It's that simple.

Sitting on Balcony
The Future

My truth #14

Our ultimate goal in life should be to leave a positive legacy to humanity; to make a difference in people's lives; to leave this Earth better than we found it.
We owe it to the generations that will follow us.

My truth #15

Don't ever let fear hold you back from doing something that you truly want.
I used to think that hate was the opposite of love. I know now it is fear.
Don't ever let fear get in the way of following your heart. Great rewards await you on the other side of fear, if you choose to face it, embrace it, and transcend it.

Floating Hearts
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My truth #16

Your body is the temple of your soul: honor it, respect it, take care of it.
Feed it good food, feed your mind good thoughts. Don't intoxicate it with harmful substances and ideas.
Don't let anyone make you feel you're unworthy because of your appearance.
Remember, our bodies are just vessels for our infinite consciousness to experience this Earth reality.

My truth #17

Educate yourself. Go beyond what you were taught in school, what you read and listen to in the media; what is immediately out there. Seek deeper truths.
The only thing I know for sure as I walk through this beautiful path called "life" is that I know nothing at all. That's why I'm always expanding my knowledge.

Woman Reading
Girl Relaxing

My truth #18

Just be. We have been indoctrinated into thinking that every waking second of our lives has to be spent doing something "productive". This is just a fallacy. You have no idea how hard it has been for me to let go of this habit. But once you do, I promise you look at life from a beautiful, calm, and relaxed angle.

My truth #19

Be grateful. For everything in your life. What you deem "good" as well as "bad". All of the things that we have and that we experience are here to teach us valuable lessons. You wouldn't be who you are and where you are without all of these experiences.
Be grateful for every single thing in your life: the roof over your head; the food in your belly; the clothes over your body; your good health. You never know how many people wished to have what you have.
Plus, being grateful is a great way to raise your vibration and to attract more good things into your life.

Buddhists Praying
Sky Full of Light

My truth #20

God is everything. Everything is divine. You are part of a divine plan. The universe is intelligent. We are all connected. Embrace the divine within you and within everyone around you. 
God loves you unconditionally.


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