Draleon Methods of Emotional Healing

These methods were channeled by my mentor, Arturo Gaitan, when he was 13 years old.

They come directly from the Source.

They are called the "Draleon" methods because it's a combination of the "Dragon" (knowledge) and the "Lion" (practicality).

Humanity has been entrapped in the Dragon for way too long. Too much knowledge but no real wisdom. Nothing has changed. We keep accumulating knowledge but we don't know how to manage our emotions. Anxiety, stress and depression are on the rise, and we don't know what to do with all this knowledge in our heads.

That's where the Lion comes in. The lion represents action. Practicality. Moving energy faster to facilitate emotional healing and bring about this Spiritual Awakening that humanity so desperately needs.

I provide these services for clients who are truly committed to their personal growth, who want to improve their lives and to bring their goals to the next level.

Karmic Disconnection Assessment (30 min.)

This assessment precedes the actual Karmic Disconnection.

In this half an hour, we will go over any potential karmic connections that you might have with people, places or objects (yes, we can have karmic connections with places and objects, too!) in order to determine what karmic disconnection(s) need to be immediately addressed.

Karmic Disconnection (45-60 min.)

• Are you feeling angry with someone and can not let go?

• Have you been through a breakup?

• Are you suffering from a loss?

• Has someone cheated on you and you feel horrible?

• Did you move to a new town and can not adapt yet?

• Would you like to feel better?

• Would you like to stop feeling bad or angry with another person?

• Would you like to recover from a breakup faster?

• Would you like to let go of the past and open a new door for your love life?

If so, you need a Karmic Disconnection!

A Karmic Disconnection is the action of disconnecting from a karmic exchange.

A karmic exchange happens at different levels.

It could generally be between people either two or more, and it could also be with objects and spirits too.

Karmic connections happen all the time.

It can happen at any time in your life during your day. It can arise from a  simple thought that causes an emotion.

Anger is the root of the karmic connection, but it can come from sadness, fear, or even happiness.

A karmic exchange with another person mostly comes from relationships that do not go well.

Let go of that person once and for all with a Karmic Disconnection!

Womb Regression

How many times have you felt like something was wrong with you, and you couldn't figure it out?

How many times have you needed to move forward, but you feel stuck, and you have no idea why? 

How about repeating the same mistakes/patterns in your relationships?

Most times, you have no idea where your behavior comes from.

It’s just there and it's not helping you achieve your life goals!

You are sick and tired of your situation, and you look for answers everywhere; including therapy.

Womb Regression is a method that helps people RESCRIPT and REFRAME areas of the mind connected to traumatic events that are affecting them at a subconscious level.

This type of regression will help you to better deal with your emotions and will set you free from the pain that past wounds bring you when you remember them!

The Womb Regression method has helped a lot of people to let go of habits, emotional burden and spiritual debts (including those from past lives) in just one session!

This type of emotional healing has already helped thousands of people break free and finally move forward with a clear direction and nothing holding them back.

This process is a transformational event that will start your spiritual and emotional healing in just one session; saving you YEARS OF THERAPY!


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