Meet your coaches and facilitators!

The wait is finally over! The power of the dragonfly and its heavenly hydraulics is finally here to take you to the next level of your transformation!
The opportunity of a lifetime for you to finally emerge from your life’s challenges and to come out wiser, stronger, and more empowered than ever is now a reality.
After coming out of a program geared towards overcoming our own challenges and claiming our path, purpose and power, we - Ayme (Enter the Threshold) and Georgette (Knowledge from the Heart) - decided to combine the knowledge that we picked up along the way, together with our own unique gifts, to birth an offering that would give you the tools to transmute life’s challenges and turn them into opportunities for your own growth: an arsenal of resources for an empowered transformation.

Ayme Krogstad

Movement Therapist, Licensed counsellor, Coach and Shamanic Healer

Ayme has always had an inherent love for nature and movement.
She spent her earliest years exploring the great outdoors with her family and developed a love for dance after following her older sister to ballet class at the age of three. Little did she know how much these early life experiences would set her on the path she find herself on today.
Ayme is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist.
She is also a level 1 Reiki practitioner and Shamanic Healer and believes a holistic approach to mental health involves body, mind and spirit. After over a decade in the therapeutic industry, Ayme has developed a passion for helping people learn to take control of their life through mastering their emotions and mindset.
She is excited about bringing her broad range of skills and unique perspective to the EYT program!

Georgette Damian

Energy Healer, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Intuitive Life and Wellness Coach

Georgette’s journey into the healing arts began in an unlikely place; as a financial analyst for Cirque du Soleil. Despite following the accepted formula for success by getting her masters and entering the corporate world, Georgette felt lost and unfulfilled.
This longing, and a series of serendipitous events, lead her to her current passion as a coach and energy healer.
Georgette is a certified Emotion Code practitioner with the mission to be a source of healing that inspires and educates her clients on how to connect with their inner potential and ability to create abundant, healthy and happy lives.
Georgette has a holistic approach to coaching utilizing both the Emotion Code and her knowledge of the Chakras to assist clients in gaining deeper insights into their internal lives.
Georgette is excited to join Ayme as a co-facilitator of the EYT program!

New program launching in early 2020!

In this 30-day program you will receive the ultimate guidance in identifying, embodying and releasing the trapped emotions that are keeping you stuck. Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Registered Dance/Movement Therapist Ayme Krogstad will guide you through individual coaching sessions to help you identify what emotions are keeping you stuck utilizing the wisdom of your body. I, Energy Healer and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner Georgette Damian, will then assist you in weekly individual sessions to release the layers of emotions once and for all. Weekly group calls and a personal accountability partner will help keep you grounded and motivated. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of their emotions, the role they play in their overall health and wellness, and the tools to continue their lifelong journey of self development.

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